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Latest Blogs

Post by Renee Real

You do have a channel partner scorecard, don’t you? If not, you should. Why? Because your competition no doubt has one and is using it to make more money in the channel. If you already have a scorecard, is it doing everything you need it to? Here are some ideas that could lead to improving […]

Post by Renee Real

Big Data is all the rage. No wonder. It comes at us from every angle: smartphones, cameras, social media, apps…an endless array of devices and human activity. And like everywhere else, the channel is full of it. How much data is there? According to Cisco’s latest VNI (Visual Networking Index) Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast […]

Post by Renee Real

In this highly competitive world, technology manufacturers are looking to their channel partners to gain a market advantage. To do this, they are using channel data, or smart data, as leverage. To learn more about how manufactures use channel data to manage their partner programs, we asked 85 technology manufacturers about their experiences. The survey, […]