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Can I depend on the sales forecast & share my revenue projections?


How can I measure the effectiveness & ROI of my channel incentives?

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How do I know my orders are processed & what will I be paid?

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By Chanan Greenberg, Vice President & General Manager High Tech, Model N In part one of this two-part series, I discussed the challenges associated with channel data management . As a brief summary, these challenges included late submissions of data, sorting through unclean data, filling in the missing holes and categorizing the data accordingly, and manual […]

Post by Chanan Greenberg

By Chanan Greenberg, Vice President & General Manager, High Tech, Model N “It’s all about the information,” says Ben Kingsley to Robert Redford in one of the peak moments of the tech suspense movie Sneakers. And he was right. Collecting data and then converting it into information, insights, and ultimately actions is what separates today’s […]

Post by Renee Real

Not all Channel Data Management (CDM) vendors are created equal. If you happen to be looking for a CDM vendor, either to replace an internal process that’s grown too slow and cumbersome to manage, or to replace a current vendor that’s not performing to expectations, take heed. We have some tips that will help you […]