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Latest Blogs

Post by Renee Real

Microsoft Excel and Access are two desktop programs that have helped revolutionize business processes. Excel, launched for Windows in 1987, is a spreadsheet program whose foundational unit is the cell. Access, a desktop relational database program launched by Microsoft in 1992, uses the table as its structural unit. Cells and tables perform like champs for collecting structured […]

Post by Michelle McCarthy

Money is unreal; currency represents money. We’re accustomed to the concept that information is power. But is it also currency that can increase or decrease in value? Information or data can certainly be worth money. People and companies will pay for data they consider valuable. When you purchase a mailing list or a ‘how to’ […]

Post by Bob Smith

Speaking and mingling at the Channel Visionaries event recently in Newport Beach, California, we were struck by a prevalent theme: the channel is quickly evolving, and we need to anticipate and prepare for that change. Due to the growth of cloud services, the channel partner of the future will have a business model that differs significantly […]